Lockdown Edition - The positives and a humbling experience.

Lockdown Edition - The positives and a humbling experience.
Lockdown has been a very humbling experience for my family and I.
I am truly blessed to have been able to relax and grow my business from the comfort of my little village.
Seeing the devotion and sacrifice of the incredible NHS and other amazing key workers, to keep us healthy and protected in these times of uncertainty, has left me in awe.
I am reminded daily never to take my health, quality time with my family, or socialising at work for granted ever again.
In the spirit of gratefulness, I would like to share with you all some of the positives that lockdown has birthed for me:
I have been able to enjoy nature more than ever before, my partner and I have been taking long walks in the sun, through fields of rapeseed and up hills ; accompanied by the singing of birds and the whistling of the wind. Strolling through the vibrant yellow flowers whilst wearing one of my lightest silk mix dresses was such a calming experience.
I’ve also been able to enjoy more home-cooked meals and spend more time with my daughter.
Ideas for new stock are constantly raving around my head! Being more in tune with nature has struck me with the perfect idea for what to order in next: as many of our holidays have been cancelled we can’t help but imagine ourselves somewhere hot, bare feet in the sand, cocktail in hand, wearing something fabulous! I’ll keep you guessing from there!
Watch this space to see where I plan to take this line over the next few months...
Louise x