About Me


I first fell in love with retail in my 20’s when I had my own stall in Portobello Market. Every Saturday I sold my friends second hand designer clothes interacting with customers old, new and regular, I rapidly developed a sense of gratification and joy.
My passion is visual merchandising! I’ve never really had much of a head for numbers, so maximizing my creativity has always been important to me.
I find it incredibly interesting and fun to figure out the most effective way in which to merchandise an entire shop so that it will engage, interact with and attract customers - I am currently exercising this passion as the manager of a wonderful life style store - The Present, Barnet.
As an independent retailer it’s not at all like being part of a big chain, where there is little room for creative license or chances to take risks that may be rewarding. I can throw caution to the wind..
I didn’t always think I would have ended up in retail and, feel free to have a giggle at this, but at school I always wanted to be a punk air hostess... yes you did read that correctly..
I wanted to ensure the safety of passengers and show them the emergency exits with my multi-coloured hair and studded leather jacket !!
However, as time went on I began to realise that Retail was truly what I most wanted to do.
London came calling - I then went on to manage an independent boutique in the Portobello Green Arcade - Baby Ceylon. It was a great environment to work and socialise in, especially as it was located in the heart of London fashion at the time.  
As a result, I was inspired to found my own fashion business -Portobello Road Princess, the name inspired by my daughter. 
I am now focused on growing my little business and sharing with you all a slice of my life.  Rummaging around antique markets, decorating my home, rushing around work, doing Zumba classes and dealing with a teenage daughter!
It’s not all swishing around in dresses and walking through fields, but there’s always room for fashion!
If you are kindred spirit feel free to follow my life on Instagram.



        Portobello Road Princess.